YOWhatsApp APK V9.52

App NameYOWhatsApp APK
PublisherFoud Makkad
Size55 MB
Apk FeaturesAnti-Ban/Fully Updated
Latest Versionv9.52
UpdatedDecember 26, 2022

Description Of YOWhatsApp APK

Introduction Of YOWhatsApp APK

Nowadays communication is crossing borders and everything is going on at the international level. The most convenient medium of online communication is WhatsApp nowadays. Therefore, we are introducing you to the modded version of WhatsApp known as YOWhatsApp which would take your communication to the next level. To explore it more, keep up with us!

Overview Of YOWhatsApp APK

YOWhatsApp is a copy of WhatsApp that contains all of its features along with many new ones. Some of its amazing features include hide blue tick, hide last seen, privacy options, and customization options. It can be downloaded from multiple websites but is not available on the Play Store. You can download it on Android and iOS-based devices. It is an anti-ban app that is also safe & secure and does not harm your devices.

yowhatsapp apk

Features Of WhatsApp Plus APK

With this modded version of WhatsApp, you can hide a forward tag. It means that if you send a message to multiple people at once, this would not show that you are forwarding the message. Rather for a sender, it would look like you have only sent the message to him.

On WhatsApp, we cannot download the stories and statuses of friends. Therefore, people install a separate status downloader. However, YOWhatsApp Apk provides an inbuilt stories & status downloader. With that, you can download any status of the friends that you like.

This modded version of WhatsApp has a special feature through which you have the facility to hide your last seen. You can hide it either from the selected people or from everyone. In this way, no one would know that you are using WhatsApp as you are shown offline.

Whenever someone reads your message, a blue tick appears. It shows that a message has been read. However, sometimes we do not want some people to know that we have read their message. Therefore, this modded version of WhatsApp also provides you with the option of hiding a blue tick. With this, the ticks remain grey and the sender would not know that you have read it.

YOWhatsApp Apk has two modes. One is the light mode and the other is the dark mode. You can set any of them as per your choice. Moreover, this WhatsApp offers you various themes to set on your home screen. Some of the most amazing themes include MsgOne, YoTelegram, and YoRose OneUI.

This modded version of WhatsApp does not only have the older emoji collection. Rather there are many new emojis added to it that are exclusive. It includes a variety of kisses plus happy and sad faces. All this collection gives your chatting a fun-filled and dramatic look.

This WhatApp also has a lock feature. With this, you can put a lock on your WhatsApp so that your chat can remain safe & secure. Now no one can see your chats. This feature is the most anticipated one as everyone craves privacy.

This modded version of WhatsApp also has an extended image-sharing limit. Now you are not limited to sharing 30 images at once; rather you can share 100 images. It will allow you to share as many images as you like.

One thing that attracts many people to this WhatsApp is the multiple backup options it gives to the people. With this, you can not only back up data to google drive but can also back up data to dropbox and mega cloud storage.

On WhatsApp, we get many calls that we do not want to receive. Therefore, this modded version of WhatsApp allows you to block the contact from whom you do not want to receive the calls. In this way, the irrelevant and useless calls would not bother you every day.

This WhatsApp also offers Do Not Disturb mode. You can turn this mode on when you are doing something important. In this way, you would not get disturbed by the continuous beeping of WhatsApp notifications.

This app also has recorder with the single tap recording feature. Now you do not need to hold the screen while recording. All you need to do is to tap on the mic and then the recording would start automatically.

What I Think About YOWhatsApp APK?

I have been using YOWhatsApp Apk for a while and I found it pretty amazing. It contains a lot of features that I am totally in love with. My favorite features are security lock, DND Mode, and various themes. Not only these, but all the features included are cool. A big shoutout to the developers of this app for creating such an amazing app. I think that it is a must-have!

Yo Whatsapp 2


Yes, we can use it along with the original ones. It is a modded version and does not block you if your same account is already on the original WhatsApp.

In this modded version, the old limit of 139 characters is waived. The total limit of the characters in status is extended to 255.

The main permissions it asks for include:
• Audio setting
• Video setting
• Access Maps and Device Location
• Access to camera
• Permission for mic
• Wifi and Bluetooth access
• Access to internal and external storage

Final Words

YOWhatsApp Apk is a modified version of WhatsApp. It has many additional functionalities. It has been designed to facilitate chatting lovers. If you are one of them, then you would love this WhatsApp as well. There is no need to give it a second thought, download it right now and enjoy an elevated chatting experience!

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