WhatsApp Blue APK V9.52

App NameWhatsApp Blue APK
PublisherFouad Makkad
Size59 MB
Apk FeaturesAdditional Features/Anti-Ban
Latest Versionv9.52
UpdatedNovember 17, 2022

Description Of WhatsApp Blue APK

Introduction Of WhatsApp Blue APK

In the previous era, communicating with loved ones who live far away was the most difficult thing to bear. Afterward, with the help of growing technology people started to overcome this communication gap through landlines followed by wireless phones. Soon after that, android and iPhone captured the market for contacting purposes. Among all of the most effective and efficient communication apps, WhatsApp still stands at the top of the list. Whether it is food or fashion, vehicles or mobile phones, the public always loves innovation. Something new and unique has always been the choice of people.

Keeping in mind the preference of people, this article aims to introduce the modded version of WhatsApp with some interesting features. Blue WhatsApp Apk lets you enjoy multiple unusual features that give a great experience to its users. Keep reading with us to know more amazing things about this app.

What Is WhatsApp Blue APK?

WhatsApp Blue Apk is a modified version of the original WhatsApp messenger. Currently, large numbers of people have this app on their phones. It holds various interesting features that you won’t find in the official application. This modded version of WhatsApp works as cool as its name is. WhatsApp Blue Apk is created to overcome all limitations that people have in its original version.

This modded version of WhatsApp attracts a big community due to its Blue interface. It gives an excellent and elegant look to its users. Moreover, users also have an opportunity to change and keep alternative themes as per their likes and dislikes. WhatsApp Blue offers customization in different functions. From style to the color of fonts, everything is just a tap away from the user of WhatsApp Blue Apk.

whatsapp blue apk

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Features Of WhatsApp Blue APK

WhatsApp Blue Apk does not require any kind of actual or hidden charges for downloading it. Installing this application in your phones is free of cost. You can freely enjoy all the premium features of WhatsApp Blue.

This amazing application allows its users to download the status of anyone in your WhatsApp contact list. It works when you really want to have the same status of your friend on your WhatsApp too, but it looks weird to ask it from someone. WhatsApp Blue offers this wonderful feature without charging any cost. You do not need to install any sort of separate status downloader for it.

Just like the name of this application, the color theme of WhatsApp Blue is also blue. Doesn’t it look cool? Unlike the original version which has green color only, you can enjoy a blue theme in this application. If you have got bored by watching green theme only, do not wait for a second to download WhatsApp Blue Apk.

Blue WhatsApp Apk is all about your choices. It gives you another amazing feature to customize your WhatsApp wall according to your favorite color. Your choice matters a lot for Blue WhatsApp Apk! Even after installing this app, if you do not enjoy its blue version, you can change it as per your choice.

In Blue WhatsApp, there is a special feature to keep your privacy. A user can also freeze his last seen option in this modded version of WhatsApp. If you do not want anyone or selected people to know when you got online on WhatsApp, you can simply enable this option to keep it hidden.

This modded version allows its users to enjoy multiple themes and interfaces as per the user’s choice. Blue WhatsApp is all designed with the beauty of various interesting themes to attract its users.

Blue WhatsApp provides a safe interface for its users. There is no need to be worried about your privacy. You are all safe under this modded version. It also gives the option to hide your status from anyone you want.

This modded version of WhatsApp enables the user to share media up to 1GB in size. It offers more than double triple media sharing feature than original WhatsApp. You can enjoy sharing golden memories with your friends and family.

There is good news for all iphone lovers. Blue WhatsApp Apk offers a premium feature to change its android theme into iOS theme. You just need to select iphone theme from the settings and here you go.

What I Think About WhatsApp Blue APK?

As per my experience, Blue WhatsApp Apk is the best-modded version of official WhatsApp messenger so far. Amazing features of this app create an ease to use this modded version for its users to the great extent. The blue interface of this version of WhatsApp is cool enough to attract a number of users. It provides security and privacy to its users and it is an essential thing every user wants. Moreover, Blue WhatsApp Apk allows its users to share media up to 1GB in size. It sounds awesome! Don’t you want to run your WhatsApp the way you want? Grab this amazing app right now and have an amazing experience!

Whatsapp Blue 1


Yes, it is safe from all viruses and threats.

Yes, take a chat backup and then install Blue WhatsApp to restore your chat.

Final Words

Blue WhatsApp Apk is the latest modded version of official WhatsApp messenger. It is loved by thousands of people across the world. It offers some amazing features that make the experience of users worth using it. From its aquatic theme to customization of themes, this modded version gives a unique experience. It has a vast media sharing feature as compared to the original one. It provides safe and secure platform for privacy. Last but not the least, it offers iphone WhatsApp theme to its users. If you also want to enjoy this application, download it right now from our website.

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