Traffic Rider MOD APK V1.81

App NameTraffic Rider MOD APK
PublisherSoner Kara
Size111 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Fully Unlocked
Latest Versionv1.81
UpdatedAugust 12, 2022

Description of Traffic Rider MOD APK

What Is Traffic Rider APK?

Are you a crazy lover of motorbike riding? But cannot fulfill the fantasy of riding ultra-fast motorbikes? If that is the case, then hold your hearts!!! We brought to you a chance to do all this crazy stuff in a virtual world through a game called Traffic Rider Apk. It is a hit racing game and has an overall 5-star rating from 3.5 plus millions of gamers.

At the start of the game, you will be provided with a simple scooter, to complete basic missions. These missions will earn you coins. After that, you can unlock all the advanced models of vehicles. This game is a lot more thrilling than your expectations. You will not get disappointed.

What Is Traffic Rider MOD APK?

Traffic Rider Mod Apk is a bike-riding game. It belongs to several sub-genres of bike riding games such as One Way Highway Running, Two Way Night Attack, etc. It contains several bikes that you can ride. You need to complete different missions to win this game. Here, you will get a chance to race with all the other vehicles present on the road.

The coolest part about this modded game is that it is the latest hacked and cracked version of the game, which was launched last year. Therefore, it offers a lot of additional features. All of them give you the ultimate riding experience. It is available for all types of Android and iOS-based devices.

traffic rider mod apk

Check Out These Awesome Features

Traffic Rider Mod Apk has an amazing high-definition graphics. There are proper roads in the game and all the surrounding is made up of great detailing. There are different seasons available as well. With their help, you can ride your bike in rain, in chilling winter, and in the scorching sun. Moreover, you can also set up day and night modes for riding. The game will be played from the first-person point of view. All of this gives this game an astonishing realistic look.

As this game is designed to cherish the love for ultra-fast cars and bikes, there is 29 bikes option to choose from. Some of the most amazing bike models include FZh Turbo, CX- 750F, Chief LT and Shadow R, etc. The more levels you passed, the more upgraded bike model will be unlocked for you.

There are a total of three different modes available in Traffic Rider Mod Apk. The first one is called career mode. It is the most thrilling mode in which you are supposed to get through 10 vehicles within 40 seconds. The second is the endless mode. Here you can fulfill all your bike-riding fantasies as it gives you endless time to ride bikes. The third is the time trial mode. Here you can select a goal for your bike rider to be done in the desired period.

Modded Features

There are many bikes in the game that can only be bought with in-game currencies. Money is earned by completing different challenges of the game. However, with this modded version of the game, you get unlimited money without completing any challenge. With that money, you can buy any bike or upgrade your favorite one.

Although this game contains 29 bikes, you cannot play with all of them from starting. First, you will be provided with simpler ones and then with heavy ones. However, Traffic Rider Mod Apk unlocks all models of bikes for you. Now you can play with any bike at any level.

In the above section, we have introduced different modes of this game. However, you need to become a pro to unlock some modes such as career one. As this is not possible for every player, they get disappointed. However, this modded version of the game ensures that you can play in career, endless, and time-trial modes with being a pro.

What I Think About Traffic Rider MOD APK?

Being a die-hard lover of bike riding, this game perfectly suits my taste. The ultimate bike-riding experience I had while playing this game was enough to give me goosebumps. Hats off to the developers for introducing such amazing additional features in the game. This has transported me to a world of fantasy. 100 percent recommended from my side!

Traffic Rider 1


Yes, one of the best things about this game is that it is available offline. You do not need a good internet connection for an ultimate bike riding experience. Moreover, it will give you extra benefits as being online means you will be bombarded with a lot of social media notifications to distract you from the game.

To improve the riding grade, follow the below-mentioned tips:
• Ride fast.
• Do wheeling.
• In long-track driving, overtake the other traffic closely.
• While on a two-way road, drive your car in opposite direction.
All these things will increase your points. Your score will lead to an improvement in your grade.

There are a total of 40 levels in this game.

Final Words

Traffic Rider Mod Apk is an amazing role-play bike-riding game. It is fun-filled and thrilling. The modded features provided by the developers are simply wow. If you crave to ride various models of superbikes, this game is all you need.

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