Tachiyomi APK V1.0

App NameTachiyomi APK
PublisherTomas Canjura
Size3 MB
Apk FeaturesUnlimited Power
Latest Versionv1.0
UpdatedNovember 23, 2022

Description Of Tachiyomi APK

Introduction Of Tachiyomi APK

Are you a manga lover? Do you like reading them but find them difficult to look for? If yes, then we have something that you would find interesting. We are introducing you to an amazing app that has a wide range of manga called Tachiyomi. This app is like a dream come true for all manga lovers. Let’s embark on the journey of knowing more about this app on this website!

Advantages Of Tachiyomi APK

Tachiyomi Apk has various advantages which are as follows:

  1. It is one of the best manga reading apps available online which offers a variety of manga options to read.
  2. In this app, you are also provided with the facility to read manga from other websites such as MangaFox, Batoto, etc.
  3. It offers different themes that you can apply while reading.
  4. This app also allows you to create backups. You can either create it locally or through the cloud service.
  5. With this app, you can download as many mangas as you like.


tachiyomi apk

Features Of Tachiyomi APK

Find out some amazing features of Tachiyomi Apk which will make you addicted to this app.

The best part about this app is that it is not just an online manga reading app like the other apps. In this app, you can also access manga comics in offline mode. All you need to do is to look for the manga comics that you like and download them. In this way, you would have the access to the comics even if there is no good internet connection.

This app keeps updating on daily bases. Whenever a new episode of any manga is released, it gets uploaded on this app. It is updated on daily bases so the readers would not have to wait for a day to read their favorite mangas. This makes this app stand out.

This app offers different categories for reading manga. Moreover, you can also read manga from different websites including Kissmanga, Mangafox, and manga here. You can select the category you want to read and it would take you to the right website or show the best manga options for you to read.

Apart from reading, it also provides audio tracks of manga. they are dubbed in different languages for manga lovers. Here you would find many audios of manga in Japanese and English.

As manga is a genre that very specific readers read, a lot of the apps that offer manga ask for a subscription and charge money. Another outstanding feature that this app offers is that it is free to use. The users are not supposed to buy the subscriptions like the other apps. Rather, they can just go to the website and download or read online whatever they like.

This app is safe & secure. If you are thinking of downloading this app but are confused about the privacy policy then trusts us, you are in safe hands. The sole purpose of making this app is to create a platform where manga lovers can read manga and that is it. It does not keep a record of any of your private information. Moreover, it is tested by anti-malware and anti-virus software which makes it further authentic.

One of the most irritating problems that people face while downloading apk files is that they show third-party ads. They are not of use and waste the time of the viewers. Most importantly, it breaks the flow of smooth entertainment. This app is ad-free. It does not show ads when you are using it. hence you can read the manga without interruption.

This app offers various customization options for reading. You can adjust the size of the page as per your comfort level. Moreover, you can also change the font size and font color to make the reading process easy. Apart from that, you can also turn on the full-screen mode or set features like turning on pages, etc.

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What I Think About Tachiyomi APK?

I love reading manga and this is the best manga-reading app I have come across. It not only offers a wide range of manga but also provides access to other websites that offer mangas. It has so many options to read that you would not get bored. If you are also a manga lover, it is the right place for you. This is recommended from my side. I will give it a big thumbs up.

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No, this app is not available on Google Play Store. There are certain policies on the google play store due to which they do not provide APK extension files. Some of the websites it offers are not supported by Google, therefore, you cannot access them through google play.

The total size of this app is 3 MB.

The supported chapter formats include EPUB, ZIP, and RAR.

No, Tachiyomi is not avalaible on iOS-based devices. It can only be used on android devices.

Final Words

Tachiyomi is the best app for people who find manga interesting. It gives the users a variety of options to read the manga. There are different categories of manga that you can explore in it. It keeps updating on a daily basis. What are you waiting for? Download it right now and read out amazing mangas!

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