Sniper 3D MOD APK V4.14.0

App NameSniper 3D MOD APK
PublisherFun Games For Free
Size139 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Diamond
Latest Versionv4.14.0
UpdatedDecember 09, 2022

Description Of Sniper 3D MOD APK

What Is Sniper 3D MOD APK?

This game Sniper 3D Apk involves picking up a sniper rifle and shooting numerous enemies with it. Each level has its requirements, and the main goal is to avoid having your location revealed to your opponent.

Gameplay Of Sniper 3D MOD APK

In this game, the player is featured as a sniper shooter tasked with shooting away different opponents. Unlike the usual shooting game, the player has to shoot other players and humans and even take down helicopters and zombies. Additionally, the game features team members that can help in different missions, and in case of being attacked, players need to solve puzzles to save their teammates. 

sniper 3d mod apk

Check Out These Awesome Features

To make the game more accessible to its user, it is available for both online and offline playing. Therefore, it has become feasible for the players to enjoy their most loved game in any situation they like, such as while traveling on a bus. You can get this game and download it for android or ios. Furthermore, the games graphics make it more interesting as it features missions like shooting a target in a crowded street. Gamers can feel their blood roar when they hear bullets loading, a sudden shot, and their enemy’s cry for help as a result of the game’s sound system.

Sniper 3D is a first-person shooting game with different levels, each with a different game story that will never let you get bored of the game. In a single mission, the player will be required to protect the top-level secrets from enemies, while they may be required to protect the city from a deadly viral invasion. Other interesting levels also feature saving hostages from kidnappers, taking assistance from your teammates to invade the clubs, meeting the notorious mafia boss and beating him in his missions, and planning to fill the city with crimes.

Since the main basis of the game is to shoot your targets from a large distance. Therefore, a sniper plays an essential part in it. As a result, the players have a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Each weapon has a different shooting range and damage provided. In addition to that, the player also has the option to customize and upgrade their weapons. Customization options include changing different colors and upgrading the rifles, increasing the damage, and decreasing the recoil.

Modded Features

The mod features of the game make it exponentially more interesting as it features many unlocked premium features that are not found in the standard version of the game. Some modded features include:

The main aspect of this Sniper 3D Mod Apk shooting game includes holding and using the weapon to the best of the player’s ability. The better the weapon and, consequently, the better the shot. There are numerous options from which the players can choose. But only some weapons are unlocked in the standard version of the game, unlike in the modded version, in which all the rifles are unlocked and free to access.

The shopping mart of Sniper 3D features unlimited kind and types of weapons, each with different level of damage and recoil. The different features of each gun make it easy to decide which one to select for which mission; for instance, different guns provide an easy shot at a 50-meter distance and a different one for taking a shot that is 25 meters away.

On top of that, it also depends on the players and which guns they are comfortable with. As there is the option of free shopping in this modded version, subsequently all the guns are easily available for free, and players can experiment with different rifles and choose their best one.

What I Think About Sniper 3D MOD APK?

Sniper 3D Mod Apk is one of the best shooting games that could keep me hooked for hours. Each level is better than the last, and the background story is amazing, like saving an innocent hostage from kidnappers, which was the best part of this game. So hurry up and download the full modded version of this awesome game and get access to premium unlocked features.

Sniper 3d 2


You can earn battle tokens from battles fought in the PVP arena and squad wars.

You can get nevermore in sniper 3D by winning one of the many live events of the game, or you can even buy it.

The max tier in Sniper 3D is beating the dangerous mafia boss El Diablo.

Final Words

The dangerous first-person shooting game with different game stories will keep you on your toes throughout the journey. The mod features of free shopping and unlimited energy will undoubtedly increase the fun of playing Sniper 3D Mod Apk.

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