Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK V1.32.2

App NameShadow Fight 3 MOD APK
Size129 MB
Mod FeaturesOne Hit Kill/Premium Unlocked
Latest Versionv1.32.2
UpdatedDecember 30, 2022

Description of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK

Introduction Of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK

Are you a lover of the Shadow Fight game? Are you waiting for the next sequel of the game? If yes, then your wait ends here, as we are introducing you to the third series of the game known as Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk. This game version has better 3D graphics and sound quality compared to previous ones.

Moreover, Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk is a modded version of the game in which you would find many features that are not present in the original version, such as unlimited money and all weapons unlocked to aid you while fighting. To know more about the game, read the article till the end!

Storyline Of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk is a thrilling adventure game with a compelling storyline. The game takes place in a world where shadow energy has been discovered, and it has become the subject of controversy between two factions: The Legion sees it as a dangerous threat while the Dynasty wants to hold on to its power.

As the story unfolds, a mysterious group of creatures emerges who possess a vast knowledge of this powerful energy and pose a threat to the world. This is where the player steps in, as a new hero, and must choose a faction to fight alongside against the forces of evil and dangerous enemies. The player has the ability to customize their character and weapons to help complete their mission and save the world from peril.

Modded Features Of Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 has a wide collection of weapons, including Machetes, Blood Reaper, Imhotep Pounders, Shuang Gou, Heavy Staff, Labryses, Golden Katana, etc. The problem is that all these weapons are unlocked at a specific level. However, in this modded version, all the weapons are unlocked for you so that you can use them at any level.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk is an action-packed fighting game that takes place between rival dynasties. As the player progresses, they will face various enemies at different locations on the map. In the original version, the map is unlocked gradually, but in this modified version, all locations on the map are unlocked, giving the player the freedom to choose where they want to engage in combat.

Money is used as an in-game currency in this game. It is used to unlock the map, different levels, as well as weapons and skills. However, earning money requires a lot of hard work, which is not possible for everyone. Therefore, this modded version provides unlimited money. Now you can buy whatever you like without worrying about money.

The one problem that many players experience in this game is that the control system of the game is weak. The enemy is faster than the player. This modded version has a feature through which you can freeze your enemy. It will make your fighting easy.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk has a wide variety of characters. Some of the most interesting characters include Shadow, May, Cipher, Sai, etc. All these characters possess different qualities. The best part is that you can combine different characters and create a new one that has the skills of all.

As this is a fighting game, it has an amazing gear collection. In this game, you would find a lot of knives, knuckles, machetes, daggers, swords, Tonfas, etc. With amazing weapons, you can give your enemy a hard time. There are also some additional weapons, such as special event weapons, boss weapons, set weapons, challenging weapons, etc.

What I Think About Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK?

As a long-time player of the Shadow Fight series, I am thrilled with the new version. One of its standout features is its captivating storyline. Additionally, the game’s three distinct sections offer a variety of play styles, and the modded features available enhance the overall gameplay experience. If you are in search of a top-notch RPG game, then I highly recommend giving Shadow Fight 3 a try.

shadow fight 3 mod apk


Starting a fight is very easy. All you need to do is to press a button on the left side. It will help your characters to move and fight the enemy by punching or kicking.

They are a total of three chapters in this game. Each chapter introduces you to a new fraction that is named Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds.

The main events include:
• High society
• Champion of the pit
• Family celebration
• Festival miracle
• Luna tournament
• Fox hunt

Yes, the modded version is fully secure as it is tested by tools and software. You can install it without any hesitation.

Final Words

Shadow Fight 3 is a thrilling RPG game set in a world where shadow energy is a source of conflict between two factions. The player takes on the role of a new hero who must choose a side and engage in battles against dangerous enemies to save the world. The game features three distinct sections, each offering a different style of gameplay, and modded features to enhance the player experience. With its engaging storyline and customizable characters and weapons, Shadow Fight 3 provides hours of entertainment and excitement. Whether you’re a fan of fast-paced combat or strategic battles, there is something for everyone in this game. If you’re looking for a top-notch RPG game, Shadow Fight 3 is definitely worth a try.

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