PikaShow APK V1.2

App NamePikaShow APK
PublisherAZ App
Size11 MB
Apk FeaturesVIP Unlocked/No Ads
Latest Versionv1.2
UpdatedJanuary 26, 2023

Description Of PikaShow APK

Introduction Of PikaShow APK

Watching TV has become old-fashioned nowadays and people are using the updated streaming app. One of the most amazing live-streaming apps includes PikaShow Apk. This app allows you to watch movies, TV shows, web series, and many more all for free. You would find thousands of videos belonging to different genres on it. To know more about it, keep reading!

Why Should I Use PikaShow APK?

PikaShow App is one of the best alternatives to TV. Here you can access content including TV shows, movies, web series, sports, and many more in 100 plus languages. The best part about this app is that unlike TV or other streaming apps such as Netflix, it is completely free to use. Furthermore, it is not designed for the people of a particular country; you can use this app no matter in which country you are. It is easy to download and has a simple interface.

pikashow apk

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Premium Features Of PikaShow APK

To keep you entertained forever, PikaShow provides you with all these features below for free:

PikaShow Apk shows live streaming of above 50 live channels and multiple live events. Moreover, you can also watch live matches such as cricket, football, and many more including the World Cup, ICC Championship, and Champion League. Hence you do not have to wait for the news channels and sports channels to provide edited coverage of live events and sports, you can see an unfiltered view on this platform.

This app streams 200+ channels. Some of the most important channels include Sony, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, HBO Go, and many more. Now you do not need to go to different websites to watch their content; rather everything is available under one roof on your mobile screen.

This app provides hundreds of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, tv shows, and web series that you can watch. The best part about this app is that all the new movies and web series are uploaded on this app three days after their release which is quite faster. Isn’t it cool? Moreover, the content available here belongs to different genres so that people having different fields of interest could enjoy it.

This app does not only offer local Indian content, rather, it also offers international content. Here you would get content taken from Hollywood, Bollywood, Turkish and Korean dramas and series, Korean movies, English dramas, series, and movies, etc. Hence you would find a variety of content here.

This app allows you to download content. Now you can download hundreds of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. All of them would give you an enjoyable experience. Now if you do not have a good internet connection, you can still enjoy movies and shows which you have downloaded.

PikaShow Apk also offers content in HD Quality. Now you would be able to see the movies in 140p to 1080p, HD, 4K, and Ultra HD. All of them would enhance your content-watching experience and make it more fun-filled. The colors, the highlights the pixels, all of them are amazing.

This app offers smooth streaming of content. There is no buffering and nothing gets hung while playing. This is like heaven for movie lovers. They can get lost in the content without any intervention from the side of PikaShow. You can enjoy a smooth watching experience without any problem. What else do you want then?

This app is also chromecast-supported. This is one of the most appealing feature of this app. It allows you to connect your device to the big screen from where you can watch the content. Hence you can enjoy the ultimate entertainment.

What I Think About PikaShow APK?

I am a lover of movies and web series and cannot live without them for a single day. PikaShow Apk is one of the best platforms for watching movies, web series, and other content. It is not a scam or something, instead, it works properly. The best part is that it includes international content as well. A big shoutout to the developers of this app for creating such an amazing app. I would recommend this to all movie lovers!

pikashow 2


If this app stops working, all you need to do is to uninstall this app and reinstall it so that the new version can be downloaded. This one would work properly. However, if it still shows that there is a problem, try to clean out the cache.

It supports Android and iOS-based devices. Moreover, it also supports Smart TVs and Firesticks.

Yes, you can report if you find any problems while using this app. It has a support team that regulates all the complaints launched by the users and tries to fix them quickly.

Yes, this app is legal. Hence, you do need to worry about security and privacy. You are not using anything shady.

Final Words

PikaShow Apk is one of the most trusted streaming platforms with more than 5 million downloads. Through it, you can watch the live streaming of 50-plus channels and various events. Here you can watch national and international dramas, movies, shows, web series, and documentaries. All of them belong to different genres to entertain the viewers. If you are thinking of downloading this app, do not wait and hit the download button now.

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