Minecraft Story Mode MOD APK V1.37

App NameMinecraft Story Mode MOD APK
PublisherTelltale Games
Size19 MB
Mod FeatureAll Episodes Unlocked
Latest Versionv1.37
UpdatedJune 27, 2022

The Description of Minecraft Story Mode MOD APK

The gameplay of the Minecraft Story Mode Mod Apk is similar to that of Minecraft itself. You can build anything you want – from a house to a castle, but you have to do it in real-time. In addition, you need to collect resources from the environment around you. However, this time, you are playing as Jesse, who has been transported into a mysterious world where he meets Calypso & her brother Zephyr. Together they set on a journey across the island to find out what happened to Jesse and how he ended up here. Jesse needs to find his friends and escape from the evil Creeper.

Minecraft Story Mode APK Comparison

Minecraft Story Mode Mod Apk does not change as compared with Minecraft Apk Pocket Edition. You can move freely on the game map. But the game is mainly a single-player game. The basic concept is the same mine ore, craft items, fight monsters, and explore the whole world. As long as you know how to do it in the original game, you would be able to figure out what to do in this game.

Characters Of Minecraft Story Mode MOD APK

  • Jesse: Jesse is the leading character in this game. He is a young boy who was trapped in the Netherworld after being kidnapped by the Creeper.
  • Fox McCloud: Fox McCloud is the best friend of Jesse. 
  • Captain Obvious: Captain Obvious is a friendly non-playing character in the game
  • Calypso: Calypso is the goddess of the sea.
  • Zephyr: Zephyr is the brother of Calypso.
  • Olivia: Olivia is the twin sister of Jesse.
  • Kevin: Kevin is the best friend of Jesse.
  • Enderman: Enderman is a monster that appears in the Netherworld.
  • Villagers: A villager is also a part of the game who lives in the game world.
minecraft story mode mod apk

Check Out These Awesome Features

All the characters in the Minecraft Story Mode Apk free make the plot interesting. Each character has its personality and characteristics. There is a lot of chemistry among these people. Even though they aren’t real-life friends, the characters develop feelings for each other. At the same time, they work together to overcome problems. Some of them hate each other, but they end up working together anyway. As you progress through the game, more relationships form and deepen.

Minecraft Story Mode Apk features the same beautiful graphics engine as the original Minecraft itself but are are more realistic. This means that everything looks like it does in Minecraft. The environments are detailed and vibrant, the characters in the game are also more detailed, and lastly, the animation of the character is better. The only thing that changes is the color palette. The graphics are good, but they don’t offer much variety. The game uses 2D graphics, but some scenes have 3D effects. The cutscenes are well-made, and the voice acting is great.

A good atmosphere is created by the music in Minecraft Story Mode Mod Apk. Moreover, the sound effects and music are very good.

The art style in the Minecraft Story Mode Apk is unique. Everything looks very cartoonish. However, it doesn’t hurt the gameplay. The animations can sometimes be inconsistent. But generally speaking, they are fine. Overall, it is visually stunning and makes the game stand out from other games.

Intresting Stories
Simple Gameplay
Child-Friendly Interface
Short Storyline
Compromised Graphics
Not As Detailed As Original

Background Of The Story

Minecraft Story Mode Apk starts in a small village that has been destroyed by zombies, but the main character Jesse can help restore it. He can use his hands to build things and fight the zombie and protect the villagers. Many buildings need to be restored, including the school, the church, the police station, the hospital, and other places.

Who’s Jesse?

Jesse is a young boy who was once a normal kid but now finds himself in a strange land with no memory of his past life. As the player progresses through the game, we learn about Jesse’s past and how he got to this point. We meet some interesting characters in the Minecraft Story Mode Mod Apk world including Calypso, Zephyr, and many others.

Key Points

  • The game is totally free there is no paid content.
  • The gameplay is similar to the original Minecraft Apk for free. 
  • This game is bugs-free. Like the original version, there are no glitches in the game.
  • There is a lot of detail in the scenery. Even if you don’t pay attention, you will notice some fine details.


As there is no foul language used and its child-friendly interface makes this game suitable for kids!

Minecraft story mode apk is totally free which means that you can download this apk without paying a single penny.

Final Words

Minecraft Story Mode Mod Apk is completely different from the Minecraft pocket edition apk. The original Minecraft is a very creative action-adventure game, but the Minecraft Story Mode Apk is an average game. Not only that, the two games are completely different. In the Minecraft pocket edition updated apk, you can play alone or cooperatively with friends. You can even build your own house. But for the Minecraft Story Mode Mod Apk, you need to cooperate with other people to complete the tasks together.

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