GB WhatsApp Pro APK V17.20

App NameGB WhatsApp Pro APK
PublisherGB Technologies
Size57 MB
Apk FeaturesAnti Ban/Updated Version
Latest Versionv17.20
UpdatedDecember 29, 2022

Description Of GB WhatsApp Pro APK

Introduction Of GB WhatsApp Pro APK

Conversation among people has never been such an easy task in old times. A big shot out to innovative technology graders who are working day and night to give us as much comfort as we can have in this rapidly growing era. They have introduced GB WhatsApp Pro Apk to make communication a better experience for people throughout the world.

It is the latest modified version of official WhatsApp messenger with some updated features. This modded version is very flexible to use. A user has great control over the functions and operations performed by this application. Along with flexibility, some amazing features have enhanced the beauty of this wonderful application. Let’s find out more about GB WhatsApp Pro Apk!

Overview Of GB WhatsApp Pro APK

 GB WhatsApp Pro Apk is currently used by 800,000+ people all around the globe. It is the latest modded version of the official WhatsApp application with some additional features. This modded version is all based on the flexibility and control of users on their accounts.  A number of users have faced many limitations on their traditional WhatsApp accounts. The initiative to launch this modded version is to overcome these issues caused by the original version.

This version of WhatsApp is modified by keeping users’ ease and needs as a top priority. From a maximum capacity of file sharing to security and privacy, GB WhatsApp Pro Apk has won the hearts of so many WhatsApp users.  It does not ask for rooting your device to operate it. It allows you to download this modified version free of cost. Moreover, a user can also see the status of others for more than 24 hours. Keep reading to know its some more exceptional features!

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Awesome Features Of GB WhatsApp Pro APK

This modded version of WhatsApp offers premium multimedia sharing. Now you can send multimedia files up to 200 MB whereas the original limit is 15 MB. Isn’t it cool? That’s a huge difference, right? This is what makes it unique and appeals to a variety of users.

This modified version allows its users to save the status of your WhatsApp friends. It does not require installing any specific downloader for it. Some time it happens when we really like the status of our friends and wants to have it on our status too. Even you can copy the caption also along with status. GB WhatsApp Pro Apk works best for it.

This application enables a user to set a reminder of meeting, birthdays and other important occasions. It saves a user from unnecessary hassle created at the moment.

It irritates when someone deletes the sent message from WhatsApp. User is unable to read it as it gets disappear. This modified version allows a user to read that deleted message very easily. This feature makes this app worth using for users.

Do you also get disturb due to a lot of messages together on WhatsApp? Do not be worried! This modded version has a unique feature known as DND which will disconnect GB WhatsApp Pro Apk from internet when you will enable it.

This modified WhatsApp allows the user to change the icon of this modded application. If you want to hide this application in your phone you can simply change it. It offers 100+ stylish icons to its users.

Apart from application icon, this modded version also permit its users to change the notification icon too to keep the privacy. Your privacy matters a lot. You would not have an issue to lose your data.

In GB WhatsApp Pro Apk, there is a special feature to keep your presence hidden. A user can hide last seen option in this modded version of WhatsApp. If you do not want anyone or selected people to know whether you are online or offline on WhatsApp, you can simply enable this option to keep it hidden.

This modded version allows its users to enjoy a huge collection of ready-made stickers to express emotions and feelings. This mod is all designed with unique features to attract users.

GBWhatsApp Pro offers users the ability to conceal various features, such as blue checkmarks, sent checkmarks, and blue microphone icons. It also allows users to hide the typing and recording indicators, providing a more secure and private experience without the interference of others.

Unlike original version of WhatsApp, this modified version allows you to share up to 100 images at the same time. Moreover, you can also share large size videos with up to 50MB and audio up to 100MB in one go. There is no restriction on the limit of sharing memories with your friends.

GB WhatsApp Pro allows its user to customize their WhatsApp screens with their preferred theme available in it. It offers a large range of beautiful themes to change the layout as per user’s wish.

What I Think About GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

I found GB WhatsApp Pro Apk one of the best communication app up till now. It provides me a great comfort from so many restrictions I was facing in the official version of WhatsApp. This modded application will make your chatting experience memorable. If you also want to enjoy unique features of this modified version, do not wait for a perfect moment! Download it right now and have a worthy experience of chatting with your loved ones.

gb whatsapp pro apk


Yes, this modded WhatsApp is safe from all viruses and threats.

No, it takes about same space as original WhatsApp.

Final Words

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk is the latest and unique modified version of official WhatsApp messenger. It is preferred by millions of people all around the globe. It offers wide range of benefits to its users. Being a GB WhatsApp Pro Apk user, you can enjoy maximum data sharing feature that you won’t find in original version. It has various attractive themes along with a great privacy & security options to keep user’s data private. This application reminds you about your special events by just giving an alarm. You can enjoy downloading the status of other users as well. Furthermore, it also provides you a chance to read deleted messages which sender deletes after sending. On the whole, this modified version is worth using app.

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