Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK V1.8.24

App NameDead Trigger 2 MOD APK
PublisherMadfinger Games
Size29 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Free Shopping
Latest Versionv1.8.24
UpdatedNovember 22, 2022

Description Of Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK

Introduction Of Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK

Dead Trigger 2 is a famous action shooting game. It is a sequel to the Dead Trigger game. In this game, you are supposed to kill the zombies. It was developed by Madfinger Games. Today we are introducing you to a modded version of this game called Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk. It is the same as the original game but contains much more functionalities as well. Let’s explore this game with us!

Storyline Of Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK

The story of this game is very unique. The setting is 2040 and a dangerous war has broken out. One side has decided to attack the opponent with an army of zombies. For that, they have given this project to a company to make virus strains to turn the military into zombies so that they could be more powerful and dangerous. However, the company betrayed the government and spread the virus strains across the world. As a result, people are turning into zombies.

You are a part of the task force that is there to kill all the zombies. Unfortunately, all your team members are already turned into zombies through that virus. There is a possibility that the human race would extinct as all of them would turn into zombies. Only zombies will be left in the world. Now you are all alone with the mission to save the world. Shoot as many zombies as you can and stop all the destruction going on!

Gaming Modes Of Dead Trigger 2

1-Story Mode: In this mode, you are supposed to follow up with the story of the game. It includes building an organization for fighting with the zombies. For that, you are supposed to go to different continents and find members for the organization. You need to run various campaigns and promote the motive of the organization. It has many levels in which you are supposed to perform different tasks.

2-Exceptional Level: This mode is a challenge mode that contains multiple levels. Those levels are spread across the map. You would be given a chance to choose from three different mission choices available including easy, medium, and difficult. On those missions, you are supposed to perform multiple tasks such as fueling up, killing zombies, etc.

Modded Features Of Dead Trigger 2

Money is a basic in-game currency. The second important currency is gold. You get them through playing the game as well as by completing different challenges. However, many of us are very eager to earn the currency for buying various items such as healing medications for the shooter. Therefore, this modded version provides you with unlimited money to buy whatever is needed.

As this game is a shooting game, it is required to have a bag pack full of weapons. You need to have guns, drums, grenades, bullets, etc. However, you need to shop the advanced weapons and explosive items with the in-game money. Therefore, this modded version has unlocked a variety of weapons for you. You can kill the toughest Rampager, Panzer, Kamikaze, and many more dangerous zombies with them.

This is an amazing feature offered by this modded version. Through this feature, you can upgrade the technology present in the game. The best part is that this feature is not limited to the weapons, rather you can also upgrade the decorative items to make your background more advanced.

As it is a shooting game, you get banned if you are underage. It is because the opponents are dangerous zombies and you are supposed to get involved in a lot of destruction. However, Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk has an anti-ban feature. Now you would not get banned even if you are underage.

What I Think About Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK?

Shooting games are my weakness but I found Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk the best. The interesting part about this game is that it has immovable shooters. This makes the gameplay very easy. Moreover, the variety of zombies it provides to fight with is also very amazing. Apart from that, the modded features it is offering are outstanding. I am totally in love with it. I recommend this game to all shooting lovers.

dead trigger 2 mod apk


You may find the original version of this game difficult, but this modded version is very easy to play. It offers many additional features such as unlimited money & all weapons unlocked. Now you can kill all the zombies easily and win the game quickly.

The mini-bosses are super zombies present in this game. Some of the main mini-bosses along with their characteristics are:
1. Vomitron: He vomits blood on the shooters.
2. Kamikaze: A dangerous-looking zombie who walks around with a barrel that contains explosive material.
3. Panzer: He is a super zombie which makes you weak and your ammunition gets lost.
4. Radioactive Scientist: He can drain the blood of the player whenever they are near the radiations of the sun.

The total size of the file of this game is 29 MB.

Final Words

Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk is a popular action shooting game available on the internet. It is a modded version of this game that offers a lot of additional features such as all weapons unlocked. If you are looking for a good shooting game, download this game right now and enjoy playing it on android and iOS-based devices!

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