Dead Target MOD APK V4.102.4

App NameDead Target MOD APK
PublisherVNG Game Studios
Size150 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gems
Latest Versionv4.102.4
UpdatedNovember 22, 2022

Description of Dead Target MOD APK

What Is Dead Target MOD APK?

Are you a fan of first-person shooting games like the Dead Trigger Series? Do you also imagine how our future would be and what kind of problems would be there, if yes, then we have a very exciting game for you? We present you with Dead Target Mod Apk. As the name suggests, all you need to do is to target the zombies and kill them. This is not as simple as it sounds, you need to get involved in the deadly fight with them all alone. Let’s explore all the interesting things about it today.

Storyline Of Dead Target MOD APK

Dead Target Mod Apk is set in the futuristic world of 2040. The third world war has started, and the use of dangerous biological weapons is spreading. One country’s government decided to use zombies to attack other countries. They contacted a company to make a virus that would turn people into zombies, but the company broke that treaty and spreaded the virus across the world and people started to turn into zombies. The world is at the peak of destruction.

The government has designed a task force to stop them but now it is too late. The disease has spread so much that all the task force members also turned into zombies except you. You are on a mission to save the world from them. Yow will be provided with weapons; all you need to do is shoot down the zombies. You need to give your best to wipe out the zombies otherwise human breed will get extinct from the world.

dead target mod apk

Check Out These General Features Of Game

Many of the games that belong to the battle royale genre nowadays consist of characters that move. They need to run or hide to save themselves and attack their opponents. It creates a lot of mess for the players who are not expert in playing. However, in this game, you would have an immovable character. The benefit of this is that you only need to concentrate on the shooting. You can move your gun, set targets through the gun, and shoot all the zombies.

Modded Version Features 

This game contains many premium features that are not free. But still, there was an increasing demand for functionalities as people were totally in love with this game. Therefore, a modded version of the game was developed called Dead Target Mod Apk. It has a mod menu that contains modified features. It has cracked all the premium features for you. Now you can use them without buying a subscription.

Both money & gems are in-game currencies. The game has many valuable items such as weapons that need currency to get unlocked. Gems are collected in challenges and you need to complete many missions to get sufficient money to buy them. To save you from all these tiring efforts, this modded version offers unlimited money & gems.

This game contains many arsenals such as modern guns, rifles, grenades, etc. However, you cannot unlock all of them at once. Therefore, this modded version has unlocked all the weapons for you. Now you can use any weapon at any level.

Dead Target Mod Apk offers you free shopping. Now you can shop for machine guns, shotguns, handguns, and heavy weapons all for free. It will give you a chance to enjoy Enfield 303, KSG, Colt 1911, Bren, and many more.

As the character is immovable in this game, he needs to move his body while standing so that he could target zombies. But unfortunately, you cannot move your body freely in this game. This modded version offers unlimited body moves.

What I Think About Dead Target MOD APK?

I have been playing this game for a while now and find it cool. I love the futuristic theme of this game, which made me so indulge in it but all I wanted is to unlock all the features of this game quickly. Thanks to this modded version I have been enjoying all I wanted. It is safe and secure and I am totally satisfied with it.

Dead Target 2


Yes, this modded version of the game is compatible with all versions of phones. You don’t need the latest models of phones to download them. It could work on all android devices which are 5.0 or above. It can also be played on PCs and Xbox devices.

Yes, it is an offline shooter game. You do not need a good internet connection to play this game. Hence, once you will download it, there is no restriction and you can play it smoothly.

This game has unlimited missions. The game keeps adding new missions frequently.

Final Words

Dead Target Mod Apk is one of the most amazing FPS-based game available in the market. The modded features it offers are simply outstanding. The best part about this game is that it keeps you sticking to it and you can’t quit it, and especially with the modded features there is no chance. If you are also a fan of such types of games, it is recommended to download the latest modded version of this game!

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